To allow our toothpaste to improve the health of people, through better, healthier oral hygiene choices and by helping to support the global cause to end HIV and AIDS.

1) Why use the toothpaste

Our great tasting, minty fresh toothpaste is a natural toothpaste which does not include sls, saccharaine, parabens, sorbitol or fluoride. This toothpaste provides and alternative for people searching for a product that is truly all-natural.

Here are a few beneficial ingredients in our all natural toothpaste:

  • CoQ10 which is an antioxident helpful for healing tissue
  • TEA TREE OIL is an all natural anti-microbial which is used in traditional medicine
  • GRAPE SEED EXTRACT benefical for protecting your gums by reducing inflamation
  • INDIAN AYURVEDIC is an all natural plant-based cleaning agent used in homeopathic medicine.

2) The history of how it came about

The idea for Go Green came about as Dr Watson was searching for a positive way to make a difference within his skill set and profession as a dentist in San Francisco.
After contributing to various local causes mostly within AIDS and HIV, and on a limited budget he wanted to find a way to give back and at the same time make a positive effect on an ongoing global cause. After much research in the dental market he came to realize that there in not a single toothpaste product that gives a percentage of the online profits to AIDS & HIV and at the same time would be good for the environment. This is where the idea for GoGreen was born.
Dr Watson’s GoGreen Natural Toothpaste donates a percentage of online profits to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

3) Who should use it

Anyone who wants to aid in the global fight against HIV & Aids and at the same time use eco-friendly products.

4) What is the benefit/value from using it – what’s so great about it

Go Greens toothpaste is more than just a green toothpaste it is a toothpaste that gives you a clean white smile and gives to percentage of all sales to an on-going global fight.